Become a Web Designer in 14 weeks!

Program Description

This certificate program will train you to create and design World Wide Web sites for business and commercial purposes. The primary focus is on designing Web sites whose look and feel effectively communicates an organizational message to their intended audience.

Each student completes a web site for a business client. This full-time intensive program is 14 weeks long, with a focus on Web design experience, studio learning, team and individual projects. Once you are enrolled, the program provides you at no additional cost with industry leading instructors, a sophisticated multi-media lab, many other resources and text books and a chance to network with others in your industry.

Our instructor team is comprised of award-winning instructors, designers and programmers, who provide you with a strong base on which to start your career.

Each Webmaster student has a dedicated and networked workstation with ergonomically designed work surfaces, chairs and lighting, arranged to enable effective group and team learning and projects. Using a multimedia projector, instructors and students can project learning materials or project work for group review. All teaching and learning is done with workstations available at all times. The lab is networked to allow file sharing and a webserver is made available to have your works online.

The lecture hours are from 9:00am to noon each day. Staff are available during the afternoon, until 4:00pm. The studio facilities are available most evenings for student use. Note: There will some days you are expected in class all day.

Interested in a free Website By a Seneca College Webmaster Student?

We are always looking for new and interesting "real life" projects for our students to work on, and are accepting applications.


The next Webmaster course is scheduled January 16 - April 21, 2017 at the Markham campus.

The webmaster program is offered 3 times per year starting January, May and September.

Fees for Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants: the full tuition fee for each 14 week course is Cdn $5,500. Fees include books, computer services and equipment, software use and materials, and network services.

To register for this program: Candidates will be accepted on the basis of their academic and work experience and an interview. A resume is needed for the interview.

To arrange your interview, contact Donna Noma by email at or by phone at 416.491.5050 ext. 77281.


Donna Noma

Donna Noma

Donna has a background in design with experience as a Graphic Designer, Senior Art Director and Creative Director, specializing in print, direct mail and digital design.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCADU), Donna combines an extensive background in print with an expanding knowledge in web design, to develop clients’ visions into engaging print and digital solutions.

The desire to strengthen her web design skills is what led Donna to Seneca’s Webmaster program. She enjoys working in the field of web design and graphics and enjoys sharing her experience as an instructor at Seneca.

Peter Paolucci

Peter Paolucci, PhD

Dr. Paolucci is the founder of Learn Canada, and has 32 years teaching experience at York university, and 16 years experience as an IT trainer. In 1995, Peter won the York university-wide award for excellence in teaching and in 2009 he won the Dean's teaching award for the Faculty of Arts (also at York).

He combines the values of a humanist education with exceptionally high levels of technological expertise. He teaches Shakespeare, vampire fiction, and Human Computer Interaction at York University, and also trains programmers and web designers in project management at Seneca College.

He is frequently sought after as a consultant in the use of videoconferencing technologies and he helps organizations to comply with accessibility standards and to design usability testing procedures for their websites.

Sharon Willcocks

Sharon Willcocks

Sharon graduated Seneca's Webmaster Program in 2012, and has been continuing her web-passion ever since. In addition to learning web technologies, Sharon is pursuing studies in computer science and is building her portfolio to showcase her works in web design.

She also enjoys an adventure. Her travels have led her to skydive from 10,000 feet, scuba dive with blue jellyfish and photograph king parrots in an Australian rainforest.

Sharon is excited to work with the webmaster students.

Eric Chen

Eric Chen

Eric is a University of Toronto alumni graduating with a degree in SPE Psychology and MA Biochemistry and a graduate of the Seneca Webmaster Program. He runs Champagne Nights Events and Services with his business partners and is a practising photographer and videographer.

He is now freelancing in web design and working as an instructor at Seneca College. His main focus right now is developing his brand and creating cool things for people to use on the Internet.

Tim Lai

Tim Lai

Tim is a graduate of Seneca College’s Independent Illustration and Art Fundamentals programs as well as the Seneca Webmaster Program. He was initially drawn to web design as a way to showcase his illustration work but quickly came to appreciate it as its own unique art form.

Tim is currently freelancing as a web designer, print designer and illustrator. In his free time, he is combining all of these interests to create interactive online comics and graphic novels.

Derek Allard

Derek Allard, MEd

Derek is a programmer, author, and award-winning instructor specializing in Internet technologies. In 1999, he founded Dark Horse Consulting, a business specializing in developing course content and facilitating instruction in Internet Technology.

In 2002, Derek was awarded instructor of the year for Computer Specializations in the Computer Studies program at Seneca College; and in 2004 he won the prestigious Excellence in Teaching award in part-time studies at McMaster University.

He continues to enjoy freelance development, building applications and sites with tools such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery fan), and PHP. Derek blogs about web development on his personal site,

Contact Us

Seneca College
8 The Seneca Way, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5Y1
P: (416) 491-5050 extension 77281

More Details

1. In a nutshell, what is the Webmaster Content program?

The Content program is a 14 week, full-time, certificate program at Seneca's Markham campus. Programs begin in September, January and May. Upon completion, you will be able to design and implement professional quality sites.

2. What is the classroom schedule?

The lecture hours are from 9:00am to noon each day. Staff are available during the afternoon, until 4:00pm. The studio facilities are available until 10:30pm and some weekends for student use.

3. Will Seneca find jobs for graduates?

Seneca cannot guarantee job placements. However, we believe the skills incorporated into the programs are well matched to those required by employers in many sectors of the economy. For three months after successful completion of the program, our Career Services staff provide employment search support -- tips and techniques, counseling, leads and contacts, etc.

4. What is the maximum class size?

Classes are usually from 15 to 20 students. The maximum is 20.

5. I don't have a degree or diploma. Am I still eligible?

You may be. The programs are designed for skilled learners who have a demonstrated background of the required skills and the ability to learn quickly in a studio environment. Lack of this background would most likely lead to student overload and failure. However, work experience, personal energy levels and the ability to focus and learn are key indicators of ability to benefit from these programs. If this is your situation, please contact the program coordinator to send your resume and to discuss your unique situation, email, or call (416) 491-5050, ext 77281.

6. I've been working for a number of years and would like to change careers into an advanced technology area like the Internet. Is this possible with the Webmaster program?

It is possible, depending on your academic background, employment experience and career goals. Such a decision is a complex one and has many implications which you should think through. But these programs can make a big training contribution.

7. What are my other costs besides tuition?

There are no other program costs. All learning materials, equipment usage, software access and internet access are included in the tuition. Seneca does charge a $78 fee for processing your graduation request. If you choose to drive to class parking is available. The current fee is $5/day in the lot, and $2/day on the street.

8. Are there any government loans or bursaries that I might obtain?

Unfortunately not. These programs are advanced technology and are not eligible for OSAP loans. Many banks have student loans available to qualified students. Check with your local branch.

9. Can you tell me more about the Canadian Government program for Lifelong Learning Plan and the use of RRSP savings to finance this program?

The Canadian government has created a way for those that have made RRSP contributions to use these savings for educational and training purposes such as JIP. It's called the "Lifelong Learning Plan" (LLP).

The LLP lets you withdraw up to $10,000 a year from your RRSPs to finance full-time training or education for you or your spouse. (You cannot use the LLP to finance your children's education.) As long as you meet the LLP conditions every year, you can withdraw amounts from your RRSPs until January of the fourth year after the year you make your first LLP withdrawal. You cannot withdraw more than $20,000 in total. You do not have to include the withdrawn amounts in your income, and the RRSP issuer will not withhold tax on these amounts.

You have to repay these withdrawals to RRSPs over a period of no more than 10 years, 1/10 per year, starting the year after you complete your course, with the option to repay earlier. The conditions are that you must enroll in a qualifying educational program at a designated educational institution (lasting three consecutive months or more; and which requires students to spend 10 hours or more per week on courses or work in the program.

To make the LLP withdrawal, use Form RC96. It is available at most banks, at your tax services office, and on the internet at

For complete details, ask for the Lifelong Learning Plan brochure.

10. I am eligible for EI. Will Employment Ontario provide support for me to take this program?

Employment Ontario has provided financial support for some Webmaster students in the past. If you are eligible for EI, discuss the possibility of support with your EO contact. Seneca can then provide the information which EO requires of applicants.

11. I am currently employed and acting as a Webmaster for my company. Would this program help me?

This course will make you much more productive and better enable you to assume a leadership position within your organization. Consider negotiating with your employer for a leave of absence or tuition support.

12. Will there be a lot of lectures and assignments?

The program is very demanding and uses a wide variety of learning and teaching techniques. Students are expected to be strong self-learners, able to search out answers, try out solutions, collaborate in small groups and teams, and use the Internet, etc., all under the lecturer's guidance as to what is important and what is not. While challenging, the work is exciting and creative.

13. Computer and Web technologies are changing rapidly. How long will the tools and skills learned in this course be current in industry and business?

Though Seneca has selected the equipment, software, lecturers and course materials to be as current and state of art as possible, the "nature of the beast" means that your future Webmaster career will indeed require new knowledge. However, most of the acquired skills and competencies will apply to future tools and technologies. In addition, the program will forecast some areas of future change and help you anticipate change.

Finally, you can use the learning methods of the program in your future work environments in order to keep up with and excel in using these future technologies.

14. Who are the course instructors and staff?

We have a fantastic team, including multiple award-winning instructors. In general, the staff are practicing Webmasters with years of design and development experience. In addition, the support staff are experienced adult educators and administrators.

Feel free to learn more about them by visiting our team biographies.

15. Web technology and site design is a vast field. Can I really learn all this in fourteen weeks?

Yes. Upon completion, you will be equipped for most Web entry-level opportunities in the marketplace. Perhaps even more importantly, you will be comfortable working in the cross-disciplinary Web teams that are commonly used in business and industry to handle complex Web projects.

In time you will develop the in-depth professional judgment, system skills and business experience that time and experience can provide.

16. I still have a question.

Call (416) 491-5050 ext. 77281 or email Donna Noma (, with your question and you will receive an individual response.