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Thanks for your interest in Seneca's Webmaster program. We are one of the province's leading programs and our students are talented, hardworking individuals with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.

We are always looking for new and interesting “real life” projects for our students to work on. Fortunately, the community has really responded and our student projects are heavily in demand. In order to gauge the suitability of your project and to ensure that everyone's expectations are met, please carefully read the following.

What you need to know

What your student will need to do

What you need to commit to

What type of sites cannot be built?

While our students possess a full range of web skills, time and technical expertise during the course limit the kind of sites we're able to accept. The following sites are unfortunately not appropriate for the program:

What to expect once you have completed the form:

The following information is required in order for you to take advantage of the opportunity to have a website designed by one of Seneca College's Webmaster students. The Webmaster program is offered each semester and these projects are distributed on a first come first serve basis - if for some reason you do not meet our deadline or your project is not chosen, we will keep your project proposal on file for the following semester.

Preferred method of communication

I hereby commit to working with one of Seneca’s Webmaster students in a timely fashion and understand that I am responsible for providing all content for the website.